2013 Dunlop results

In the main event finals it was Tyler George, Tiffany Simons, Ross Litman, Erin Wallace and Sara Shuster over Phil DeVore, Aileen Sormunen, Roger Hendrickson, and Lucy DeVore. In the second event it was Bob Johansen, Becky Johansen, Jason Kraus, and Jamie Kraus over Pat Kelliher, Bridgette Perizzo, Mark Bakk and Andi Bakk. In the third event it was Wayne McLeod, Danielle McLeod, Mark Lusche, and Jen Lusche over Tony Lasky, Renee Passal, Aaron Nelson, and Marva Beckman. In the fourth event it was Scott Anderson, Kathy Olson, Jeff Anderson, and Teresa Olson over Doug Britton, Nancy Odden, Marty Herman, and Shelley Herman. Congratulations!!