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2013 HOH Results | Duluth Curling Club

2013 HOH Results

The 2013 HOH raised over $25,600!!  Thank you to all who donated!  Every cent goes to our charity, St. Lukes Foundation, towards the purchase of a new ECHO machine.


Curling results:

A event winners sponsored by CL Furnace Tri Tech of Minnesota:

Pete Fenson, Jeff Laundergan, Linda Christensen, Aaron Nelson


B event winners sponsored by the Elizabeth Busche Fund

Craig Brown, Mark Shubert, Regis Hadiaris, Kris Cameron


C event winners sponsored by Miller Hill Subaru/ Tim and Kim Ebert

Ryan Brunt, Laurie Orbeck, Paul Wojciak, Tanner Hammerschmidt


D Ranger winners sponsored by Skyline Lanes

John Shuster, Shana Vesel, Michael Hillmeyer/Darren Vogt, Tony Trenbreth


Ultimate Losers (Lampshades):

Katja Kiiskinen, Tony Lasky, Jon Fiskness, Daniel Ostheimer