2014 Olympic Curling Team

Team USA

Olympic Curling Viewing Schedule

DayTime (CT)MatchChannel
Mon Feb 104:00 am (Live)USA Women vs. SUIUSA
Mon Feb 109:00 am (Live)USA Men vs. NORWatch Online
Mon Feb 104:00 pm (replay)USA Men vs. NORCNBC or at the Curling Club
Mon Feb 1011:00pm (Live)USA Women vs. RUSWatch Online
Tues Feb 112:00 am (replay)USA Women vs. RUSNBC Sports Channel
Tues Feb 114:00 am (Live)USA Men vs CHNUSA
Tues Feb 119:00 am (Live)USA Women vs. GBRWatch Online
Tues Feb 114:00 pm (replay)USA Women vs. GBRCNBC or at the Curling Club
Tues Feb 1111:00pm (Live)USA Men vs. DENWatch Online
Wed Feb 122:00 am (replay)USA Men vs. DENNBC Sports Channel
Wed Feb 124:00 am (Live)USA Women vs. CHNUSA
Thur Feb 134:00 am (Live)USA Men vs. GBRUSA
Thur Feb 139:00 am (Live)USA Women vs. JPNWatch Online
Thur Feb 134:00 pm (replay)USA Women vs. JPNCNBC or at the Curling Club
Thurs Feb 1311:00 pm (Live)USA Men vs. GERWatch Online
Fri Feb 142:00 am (Replay)USA Men vs. GERNBC Sports
Fri Feb 144:00 am (Live)USA Women vs. DENUSA
Fri Feb 149:00 am (Live)USA Men vs. RUSWatch Online
Fri Feb 144:00 pm (replay)USA Men vs. RUSCNBC or at the Curling Club
Sat Feb 159:00 am (Live)USA Women vs. SWEWatch Online
Sat Feb 154:00 pm (replay)USA Women vs. SWECNBC or at the Curling Club
Sat Feb 1511:00 pm (Live)USA Men vs. CANWatch Online
Sun Feb 162:00 am (Replay)USA Men vs. CANNBC Sports Channel
Sun Feb 164:00 am (Live)USA Women vs. CANmsnbc
Sun Feb 169:00 am (Live)USA Men vs. SWEWatch Online
Sun Feb 163:00 pm (replay)USA Men vs. SWECNBC or at the Curling Club
Sun Feb 1611:00 pm (Live)USA Women vs. KORWatch Online
Mon Feb 172:00 am (replay)USA Women vs. KORNBC Sports
Mon Feb 174:00 am (Live)USA Men vs. SUIUSA

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