Curling 101

About Curling


Curling is a very social sport, where you stand next to your opponents and can get to know them. Although curling can be highly competitive, fair play and courtesy are mandatory.  Lack of consideration towards your opponents is never welcome.   Among the many traditions of curling is that the winners buy the first round of refreshments after the game, and that the losers reciprocate.

Curling is enjoyed by young and old, men and women, experts and novices.  Female players are very active and play successfully on an equal footing with men.  There are local leagues and state, national and world competitions for junior, college, senior, super-senior, women’s, men’s, and mixed-gender teams.

Curling takes a minimum of instruction and a little practice to be competent, but forever to master. It does not require unusual skill or athleticism. Any person in reasonable health who understands the basics of sportsmanship can curl safely and have fun, while meeting new people and enjoying a lifetime sport. Many people curl competitively into their 80’s and can compete head to head with the best, but it is also a sport enjoyed enthusiastically by many grade-schoolers.    It is great fun and good exercise, and the emphasis is on friendly competition.

It is neither an expensive nor an elitist sport. The equipment costs far less than even the cheapest golf set, and the Club’s dues are less than an active bowler would pay in a year.

About the Duluth Curling Club

With almost 700 members and facilities that rank among the best, Duluth Curling Club is one of the premier curling organizations in the world. We have among our members several current state, national and world champions, and numerous past champions.  The Duluth Curling Club has a youth league and a senior league, male-only, women-only, and mixed leagues. We also have “competitive” leagues for the experts, and “recreational” leagues. for mere mortals.  Learn more about our club.