Learn to Curl

Duluth Curling Club welcomes and encourages new curlers, with programs specifically designed for them.

We offer free, introductory clinics with nationally certified instructors for all new curlers.

The Duluth Curling Club also annually organizes and subsidizes a “new curlers” league that runs for the entire season.  For new curlers who choose to join the Curling Club, we also have sharply reduced first-year fees.  Click here for a full list of new member benefits.

Learn to Curl Clinic: More Information

If you would like to learn to curl, there are a number of instructors at the DCC, certified by the United States Curling Association to teach you properly and safely.  The Club will provide the necessary equipment, all you need is a medium weight sweater or light jacket and a pair of very clean shoes (we keep our ice spotless, no street shoes, please)

First, you will learn on-ice safety. Then we will work you through the basic skills and techniques, and explain the objectives, scoring and strategies of curling. Along the way, you will be introduced to the traditions that have made curling the favorite winter sport of tens of millions worldwide.

You will learn to curl in a couple of hours, and then many people join the “New Curler’s” league. You might also choose to join a more experienced team as a “lead” (first rock thrower), and if so, we can help you find an appropriate team and league. We have leagues for all skill levels. No matter your level, you will never run out of challenging competition at the Duluth Curling Club!

We also run a very active and popular Junior Curling Program for young people (age 7 to 18).  It has produced, over the years, several world and national champions and Olympic contenders.

If you would like to speak with someone about learning to curl, or about the club itself, please contact us.

You can also visit us in person anytime between November 1 and March 20, after 1PM (map).

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