Announcing the TV draw participants!

Last night, the HOH committeee met and drew 8 people from our early registrants for the TV draw. They are:

  1. Jeff Heikkila
  2. Brad Bock
  3. Darren Vogt
  4. Dana Cope
  5. Kristin Polo
  6. Shana Vesel
  7. Aaron Nelson
  8. Nancy Meisinger

The above eight people will be able to choose the 2013 HOH skip they would like to compete in the skip’s draw to the button. If their pick is the closest to the button, they will win a TV!  They will have a chance to pick their skip once all 2013 HOH skips are confirmed (a few weeks from today)  For those of you that did not win, don’t fret!  Tickets will go on sale soon to support the skip of your choice.  If your skip wins, you will have a chance to win a TV too!