Bert Payne Junior Bonspiel Results and Special Announcement

Congratulations to Duluth Curling Clubs’ Cory Christensen Rink with teammates Kyle Kakela (Rolla, ND), Trevor Host, and Anna Bauman for winning the 2013 Bert Payne Junior Bonspiel at the Duluth Curling this weekend. Runners-up in the Main Event of the Competitive Division were the Melissa Runing Rink of Mankato, MN with teammates Jessica Landsteiner, Caiti Flannery, and Aly Deegan.

The John Harstad Rink of Duluth with teammates Brody Russel, Jack Payette, and Alex Anstett defeated the Paul Bastianelli Rink (Alex Hadlock, Ryan Wickman, and Tyler Pilon) of Duluth in to win the Main Event of the Developing Division.

Winners of the Recreational Division are the Sarah Olson Rink with teammates Maggie Payette, Jessica Olson, and Darby Neustel. Runners-up in the Recreational Division are the Arianna Mlinar Rink with Kelby Cloose, Samantha MacDougall, Brock Yecoshenko, and Tommy Rawlyk. Both rinks are from the Duluth Curling Club.

It was announced during the awards ceremony that this is the last year of the Bert Payne Junior Bonspiel. In 2014 this bonspiel will become the Elizabeth Busche Memorial Junior Bonspiel. Elizabeth Busche was the vice skip of the 2012 USA Junior Nationals Championship Team (Team Christensen). Elizabeth was a 19 year old freshman at North Dakota State University – Fargo, who knew the delicate balance of college life and junior competitive curling. Elizabeth was involved in the Duluth Junior Curling Program from a very young age and competitive curling was a focus in her life.