2015 Registration

There are three ways to register for the 2015 House of Hearts Celebrity Bonspiel:

1. Register at the Duluth Curling Club.  Drop  your $100 check payable to “House of Hearts” into the black HOH dropbox at the DCC. It is located next to the HOH bulletin board.

2. Register Online: This year, you can register online again through our registration website at Eventbrite.  Register online and get a FREE DRINK!!!   Please note: there is a $5.99 fee from Eventbrite to use their service.

3.  Register via Mail: Send your name, phone number, email address, and a $100 check payable to “House of Hearts.”  Please send your information and payment to: Duluth Curling Club, Attn: Barb Payette, 327 Harbor Drive, Duluth, MN 55802

Unlike previous years, we will not hold your spot until your entry fee is paid.  

Check back at this page to see the 72-person participant list as entries are paid!  Please allow one week for posting new names.

2015 Participant List (last updated 3/5/15 8:15 pm)

The following people are paid and registered for the 2015 HOH.

  1. Anthony Scalzo
  2. Claire Nordskog
  3. Aaron Nelson
  4. Renee Passal
  5. Jon Fiskness
  6. Dana Cope
  7. Mark Shubert
  8. Nancy Meisinger
  9. Scott Scheirbeck
  10. Kristy Filippini
  11. Mitch Billings
  12. Allen D Merry
  13. Kelly Carr
  14. Derek Benson
  15. Erik Hessler
  16. Brad Orego
  17. Lauren Leckwee
  18. Daniel Wiza
  19. Philip Spindler
  20. Kris Cameron
  21. Doug Cameron
  22. Mary Broman
  23. Darren Vogt
  24. Paul Wojcak
  25. Benjamin Devine
  26. Becca Jensen
  27. Kristin Polo
  28. Douglas Gandrud
  29. Amy Swanoski
  30. Jon Peterson
  31. Barb Payette
  32. Tyler Vietanen
  33. Paige Caulum
  34. David Temple
  35. Steve Day
  36. Blaze Zenner
  37. Sally Bradt
  38. Matt Wicklund
  39. Bridgette Perrizo
  40. Scott Kelleher
  41. Judy McLeod
  42. Tanner Hammerschmidt
  43. Correne Jenson
  44. Shana Vesel
  45. Tom Vesel
  46. Lisa McFarland
  47. Nate Anderson
  48. Jane Busche
  49. Zachary Vietanen
  50. Zach Bassett
  51. Adam Derkey
  52. Dylan Hagan
  53. Rhonda Gruba