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O’Leary Rink takes Bronze

Congratulations to the O’Leary Rink: Norma O’Leary, Jill Hansen, Mary Shields, Sara Shuster, and Jamie Kraus on their 3rd place finish at the US Curling Club Nationals in Fargo.

Devore Rink wins 2015 Dunlop

The 46th Annual Dunlop Memorial Mixed Bonspiel was held March 13, 14 and 15,  2015 at the Duluth Curling Club.  Winners are as follows:


Main Event winners were the Phil Devore Rink of Duluth over the Scott Scheirbeck rink of Duluth.

Pictured left to right Phil DeVore, Lucy DeVore, Doug Cameron and Kris Cameron.


B Event winners were the Mike Moyle rink of Duluth over the Jesse Kringle rink of Hibbing.

Team Moyle members are Mike Moyle, Bonnie Hughes, Keith Stauber and Claire Nordskog.


C Event winners were the Kay Libby Rink of Two Harbors over the Lexi Lanigan rink of Duluth.

Team Libby members are Dave Mount, Kay Libby, Steve Fisher and Amy Fisher.


D Event winners were the Mike Akervik rink of Duluth over the Bill Manney rink of Hibbing.

Team Akervik members are Mike Akervik, Karen Turnboom, Dale Williamson and Correne Jenson.

Playoff Schedules 2015

March 22, 2015
Week 4 Playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team Event
#1 Meisinger vs Skildum MSRR
#2 Honsvall vs Giuliani MSRR
#3 Huska vs Lopez Beer event
#4 Nelson vs Saturn Systems F
#5 Brinkman vs Jensen E
#6 LeBlanc vs Moyle MAIN
Zweibel vs Bye


March 22, 2015
Ice Team vs Team Event
4:00 PM
7 Anderson vs Moeller B
8 Milbrath vs Ctr for Joint Therapy D
6:00 PM
1 Johnson vs Lasky J
2 Fiskness vs Maio H
3 Geissler vs Hanauer G
4 Milner vs Rice F
5 Kraus Bros.LLC vs Lofald E
6 Lakeside Curling vs Lopez C
7 Luttinen vs Wahl Main
8 vs
Roach Out


March 23, 2015
Final Week of Playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team
#1 Kimmes (T8) vs Roscoes Blue (T8) Bagley E
#2 Rappana (Th 6) vs Wine Creations (Th 8) Bagley E
#3 Arola (Th ?) vs Priley (Th 6) Bagley D
#4 Brisbin vs Slosson Bagley D
#5 Birman vs Turner Bagley B
#6 Litman vs North Pole Bar (Th 6) Bagley Main
#7 Zeman (Th 8) vs DeVore (Th 8) Bagley D
#8 Cavers vs O’Leary (W 5) Tolo
Tuesday 3/24/15  6:00pm
#2 Turchi vs Moeller (Th 4) Bagley E
Tuesday 3/24/15  8:00pm
#7 Copasetic vs Barr Engr “A” (Th 6) Bagley C
Wednesday 3/25/15  5:00pm
#7 Farmers Ins. vs Kratochwill (W 5) Bagley C
Thursday 3/26/15  4:00pm
#2 Olson vs Host (Th 4) Open C
Thursday 3/26/15  6:00pm
#1 Cavers vs McLeod (Th 6) Open F
#3 Hendrickson vs TBD Bagley Main


MONDAY 7:00PM MIXED LEAGUE  Due to ice issues, week 3 and 4 played on one night
March 23, 2015
Week 3 and week 4 playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team Event
#1 Great Lakes Door vs Kelleher C
#2 Britton vs Moyle B
#3 L. Christensen vs Novak C
#4 DeVore vs Shuster Main
#5 Hawk Ridge Art vs Spindler D
#6 Landsteiner vs Scheirbeck Main
#7 Arola vs Polo D
#8 Friese vs Lemmerman D


March 24, 2015
Final Week of Playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team Event
#1 Leksell vs Roscoes D
#2 Turchi (M5) vs Moeller (Th 4) E
#3 Marquardt vs Walker E
#4 Engel (T8) vs Sormunen (T8) B
#5 Ritchie (T8) vs Harms (Th 8) Main
#6 Farmers Ins (Th 8) vs Erickson (Th 8) C
#7 Winner  Kimmes v Roscoe Blue vs Winner  Rappana v Wine Creations E
#8 vs
Tuesday 3/24/15   8:00pm
#4 DeVore vs Kaszuba C
Thursday 3/26/15  6:00pm
#6 George vs Winner Ritchie/Harms Main
Thursday 3/26/15  8:00pm
#2 Brozic vs Winner Roscoes Blue v Boerboom B


March 24, 2015
Final Week of Playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team
#1 Hoff (W5) vs Winner  Turchi v Moeller Bag E
#2 Winner  Marquardt v Walker vs Winner Kimmes/Ros Blue v Rappana/ Wine Create Bag E
#3 Moyle vs George Bag D
#4 DeVore (T6) vs Kaszuba (T6) Bag C
#5 vs
#6 Roscoe’s White vs Boerboom (Th 8) Bag B
#7 Copasetic (M5) vs Barr A (Th 6) Bag C
#8 G. Johnson (Th 6) vs Luttinen (Th 4) Bag C
Monday 3/23/15   5:00pm
# Kimmes vs Roscoe’s Blue Bag
Tuesday 3/24/15  6:00pm
#4 Engel vs Sormunen Bag B
#5 Ritchie vs Harms (Th 8) Bag M
Wednesday 3/25/15   5:00pm
#1 Landsteiner vs Brozic (W5) Open E
Thursday 3/26/15   4:00pm
#8 Giuliani vs D. Hanson (Th 6) Open K


March 25, 2015
Final Week of Playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team
#1 Brozic vs Landsteiner (T8) Open E
#2 Wicklund vs Kelly (Th 4) Open D
#3 C.Johnson (Th 4) vs J.Hansen (Th 6) Open B
#4 Sormunen (Th 6) vs Kraus (Th 6) Open Main
#5 O’Leary vs Priley (M5) Open Main
#6 Huska vs Viking Electric Bagley D
#7 vs
#8 Kratochwill vs Farmers Ins (M5) Bagley C
Tuesday 3/24/15  8:00pm
#1 Hoff vs Winner Turchi v Moeller Bagley E
Thursday 3/26/15  6:00pm
#2 Hawk Ridge Art vs Winner Johnson v Hansen Open B
Thursday 3/26/15  8:00pm
#3 Hendrickson vs Winner Birman v Turner Bagley B


Wednesday 7:00 pm Women’s League
March 25, 2015
Final Week of Playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team Event
#3 Pannkuk vs Smith F
#4 Hager vs Beste E
#5 DSGW Arch. vs Thorson C
#6 Cope vs Broman D
#7 Thorson vs Polo B
#8 Kraus vs McLeod Main
Jenson vs Bye


March 26, 2015
Final Week of Playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team
#1 vs
#2 Host vs Olson (M5) Open C
#3 Barr Engr. 1 vs Agate Elec (Th 6)
#4 Winner Arola v Priley (M5) vs Winner Brisbin v Slosson Bag D
#5 Winner George v Moyle vs Winner DeVore v Zeman Bag D
#6 Winner Farmers v Erickson vs Winner Farmers v Kratochwill Bag C
#7 vs
#8 vs
Monday 3/23/15   5:00pm
#4 Slosson vs Brisbin (M5) Bag D
Tuesday 3/24/15  6:00pm
#2 Moeller vs Turchi (M5) Bag E
Tuesday 3/24/15  8:00pm
#8 Luttinen vs G. Johnson (Th 6) Bag C
Wednesday 3/25/15  5:00pm
#2 Kelly vs Wicklund (W5) Open D
#3 Johnson vs J. Hansen (Th 6) Open B


March 26, 2015
Final Week of Playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team
#1 McLeod vs Cavers (M5) Open F
#2 Win CJ v Jill Hansen vs Hawk Ridge Art (W5) Open B
#3 George (T6) vs Win Ritchie v Harms Bagley Main
#4 Win Barr A v Copasetic vs Win G. Johnson/Luttinen Bagley C
#5 J. Hansen vs Christensen Tolo
#6 Win North Pole/Litman vs Hendrickson (M5) Bagley Main
#7 Win Devore/Kaszuba vs Win Engel/Sormunen Bagley C
#8 Win Oleary/Priley vs Win Kraus/Sormunen Open Main
Monday 3/23/15   5:00pm
#3 Priley vs Arola (Th 4) Bagley D
#6 North Pole Bar vs Litman (M5) Bagley Main
Tuesday 3/24/15   8:00pm
#7 Barr Engr.A vs Copasetic (M5) Bagley C
#8 G. Johnson vs Luttinen (Th 4) Bagley C
Wednesday 3/25/15  5:00pm
#3 J. Hansen vs Johnson (Th 4) Open B
#4 Kraus vs Sormunen Open Main
Thursday 3/26/15   4:00pm
#3 Agate Electric vs Barr Engr.  1 Open G


March 26, 2015
Final Week of Playoffs
Sheet Team vs Team Event
#1 vs
#2 Win Boerboom/RoscoeWhite vs Brozic (T6) Bag B
#3 Hendrickson (W5) vs Win Birman/Turner Bag B
#4 Win Cavers/O’Leary vs Win Hansen/Christensen Tolo
#5 vs
#6 Win Farmers/Erickson vs Win Farmers/Kratochwill Bag C
#7 Win Leksell/Roscoes vs Win George/Moyle V Devore/Kaszuba Bag D
#8 Win Huska/Viking Elec vs Win Arola/Priley v Birman/Slosson Bag D
Monday 3/23/15   5:00pm
#2 Rappana vs Wine Creations Bag E
#7 DeVore vs Zeman Bag D
Tuesday 3/24/15   6:00pm
#5 Farmers Ins vs Erickson Bag C
#6 Harms vs Ritchie (T8) Bag M
Tuesday 3/24/15   8:00pm
#6 Boerboom vs Roscoes White (T8) Bag B

Dunlop Friday night draws

Dunlop Memorial Mixed Bonspiel
March 13, 14 and 15 2015
Friday March 13, 2105
Ice 6 pm Draw
3 Dick Wicklund – DCC vs Cody Johnson – DCC
4 Mike Moyle – DCC vs Jeff Anderson – DCC
5 Lexi Lanigan – DCC vs Keane Busche – DCC
6 Mike Akervik – DCC vs Jess Brozic – DCC
7 Glen Novak – DCC vs Scott Scheirbeck – DCC
8 pm Draw
3 Gary Kitching – St. Paul vs Marcus Karki – DCC
4 Neil Feil – Kettle Moraine vs Rob Carr – DCC
5 Bill Manney – Hibbing vs Phil DeVore – DCC
6 Kay Libby – Two Harbors vs Tricia Pepin – St. Paul
7 Jesse Kringle – Hibbing vs Pat Kelleher – DCC

International Results

Congrats to Team Farbelow,  the 2015 Duluth International Open Bonspiel champions.  Team Farbelow; consisting of curlers from both St. Paul and Duluth  defeated team Litman of Duluth in the finals.   Team Farbelow Members left to right in picture – Mike Farbelow, skip – Dean Birman, third – Riley Geissler, second and Erik Lofald, lead.


Team Shuster US Mens National Champions!

Congratulations to the Shuster Rink: John Shuster, Tyler George, Matt Hamilton (McFarland, Wi), John Landsteiner, and Trevor Host. They are the 2015 USA Curling Men’s National Champions! Shuster’s team will represent the U.S. at the 2015 World Men’s Championship March 28-April 6 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Other Duluth curlers that placed at Nationals: Anna Bauman got the silver and Aileen Sormunen, Chris Plys, and Joe Polo came home with bronze.

The 2015 World Women’s Championship is set for March 14-22 in Sapporo, Japan. The Aileen Sormunen rink: Aileen Sormunen, Monica Walker (Brighton, MA), Tara Peterson (Eagan, MN), Vicky Persinger (Fairbanks, Alaska) will be the world representative for that event.

USA Curling article detailing the results

Lounge opens for live stream of Men’s finals

The lounge will open at 1:30 pm Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 for the Men’s Championship finals.  Come and watch Team Shuster and Team Brown battle for the USCA Men’s National title.  There will be no food available but the bar will be open.

Duluth Juniors perform well at St. Paul Junior Spiel

Congratulations to Lucas Goetzman, Cody Lau, Trenton Thomas, & Brock Yecoshenko.  The gentlemen are the 2015 Kyle Satrom Memorial Jr. Spiel (St. Paul Curling Club) Developing Division Champions.

Congratulations are also due for the Harstad rink : Jon Harstad, Jack Payette, Brody Russell, and Paul Bastianelli.  They were the winners of the 4th event in the Competitive division. (sorry, no photo)

Good Curling!


2015 International Results

Results from the Duluth International Open Bonspiel – February 13, 14 and 15, 2015 at the Duluth Curling Club:


Main event: The Mike Farbelow rink – St. Paul and Duluth defeated the Ross Litman rink – Duluth Team Farbelow players – Mike Farbelow, skip, Dean Birman, vice, Riley Geissler, second and Erik Lofald, lead.

B event: The Phil DeVore rink – Duluth defeated the Dan Hebl rink – Two Harbors   Team Devore players – Phil DeVore, skip, Terry Christensen, vice, Jon Wirtanen, second and Lucy DeVore, lead.

C event: The Doug Cameron rink – Duluth defeated the Frank Kaszuba rink – Duluth   Team Cameron players – Doug Cameron, skip, Roger Hendrickson, vice, Mike Gorichs, second and Kris Cameron, lead.

D event: The Jim Bradshaw rink – Superior defeated the Bruce Hill rink – Duluth   Team Bradshaw players – Jim Bradshaw, skip, John Bradshaw, vice, Steve Bradshaw second and Erin Bradshaw, lead.