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Junior Curling Spaghetti Fundraiser

Join us Tuesday, Jan 14th from 5-8pm at the DCC for a Spaghetti Fundraiser.  All proceeds go directly to the Juniors from our club participating in the 2014 USCA Junior Nationals in Seattle, Washington.  13 of our fantastic junior curlers have qualified to compete in Nationals.  Please help if you can!  Get your tickets ($10) at the door or from one of the junior curlers themselves.  They are: Anna Bauman, Sonja Bauman, Cory Christensen, Korey Dropkin, Quinn Evenson, Noah Fiskness, Trevor Host, Wes Leksell, Ethan Meyers, Rebecca Miles, Courtney Osbakken, Dan Plys, and Fayth Yescoshenko.

Team Plys Spaghetti Fundraiser

Team Plys (Dan Plys, Noah Fiskness, Ryan Riihinan, and Wes Leksell) is having a spaghetti fundraiser to raise funds for their trip to the US Junior Nationals in Seattle later this month. The event is held at GB Schneider & Co. on Wednesday January 8 from 5-8 pm. Cost $10 at the door. Contact Amy Johnson-Fiskness for more information!

Duluth’s Osbakken and Meyers rinks win MN State Juniors

Congratulations to Team Osbakken (Courtney Osbakken, Fayth Yecoshenko, Emma Bromenschenkel and Rebecca Miles) and Team Meyers (Ethan Meyers, Kyle Kakela, Trevor Host, Quinn Evenson, and Zachery Waitrovich) on becoming the 2014 MN State Jr. Champions.  The teams now move on to the US Junior National Championship at the Granite Curling Club in Seattle  Jan. 25-Feb. 1.  Joining them will be the runners up from the MN State event: Team Running (Melissa Runing, Katelyn Furst, Cait Flannery, and Alyson Deegan) and Team Plys (Daniel Plys, Noah Fiskness, Ryan Riihinen, and Wesley Leksell)

Duluth’s Christensen rink (Cory Christensen, Mackenzie Lank, Anna Bauman, and Sonja Bauman) and Dropkin rink (Korey Dropkin, Tom Howell, Mark Fenner, and Alex Fenson) have also already qualified for the event in Seattle.

View the entire field here.  The winner in Seattle will represent the U.S. at the 2014 World Junior Championships Feb. 26-March 5 in Flims, Switzerland.

DSC_0305 (2)

Courtney Osbakken, Fayth Yecoshenko, Emma Bromenschenkel, Rebecca Miles

DSC_0268 (2)

Ethan Meyers, Kyle Kakela, Trevor Host, Quinn Evenson, and Zachery Waitrovich

DSC_0292 (2)

Melissa Runing, Katelyn Furst, Cait Flannery, and Alyson Deegan

DSC_0277 (2)

Daniel Plys, Noah Fiskness, Ryan Riihinen, and Wesley Leksell

Thursday leagues for 12/26/2013 delayed one hour

We are hosting the Minnesota State Junior playdowns from Thursday 12/26/13 through Sunday 12/29/13.  The Thursday draw for juniors will require that the Thursday night leagues will each start one hour later.  4:00 pm will start at 5:00 pm,  6:o0 pm will start at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm will start at 9:00 pm.   Buzzers will be inaccurate for this night only.

Welcome Home Social for Team Shuster!

Join us Tuesday, Dec 17th to welcome home Team Shuster from the Olympic Qualification event in Germany! The event will run from 5-6pm. Come give your congratulations to the team and join us in welcoming them back!

Duluth Teams represent USA at World University Games

The 2013 Winter World University Games will run Dec. 12-21 in Trentino, Italy. Both teams representing the USA are from Duluth!

For the ladies, Team USA is: Cory Christensen, Becca Funk (McFarland, Wis.), Anna Bauman, Mackenzie Lank (Lewiston, N.Y.), and Sonja Bauman.  On the men’s side Chris Plys, Stephen Dropkin (Southborough, Mass.), Sean Beighton (Seattle), Korey Dropkin (Southborough, Mass.), Tom Howell (Brick, N.J.) will represent the USA.


Team USA competition schedule (all times Duluth, MN time):

Draw 1 vs Switzerland: Thu Dec 12 at 2am
Draw 2 vs Japan: Thu Dec 12 at noon
Draw 3 vs. Korea: Fri Dec 13 at 7am
Draw 4 vs Russia: Sat Dec 14 at 2am
Draw 5 vs Italy: Sat Dec 14 at Noon
Draw 6 vs Sweden: Sun Dec 15 at 7am
Draw 7 vs Canada: Mon Dec 16 at 2am
Draw 8 vs China: Mon Dec 16 at Noon
Draw 9 vs Great Britain: Tue Dec 17 at 7am
Finals Dec 19th and 20th
Draw 1 vs Norway: Thu Dec 12 at 7am
Draw 2 vs Czech Republic: Fri Dec 13 at 2am
Draw 3 vs. Sweden: Fri Dec 13 at Noon
Draw 4 vs China: Sat Dec 14 at 7am
Draw 5 vs Switzerland: Sun Dec 14 at 2am
Draw 6 vs Great Britain: Sun Dec 15 at 7am
Draw 7 vs Canada: Mon Dec 16 at 2am
Draw 8 vs Italy: Tue Dec 16 at 2am
Draw 9 vs Korea: Tue Dec 17 at Noon
Finals Dec 19th and 20th


Follow the tournament progress here

Follow Team Shuster in Germany

Follow Team Shuster as they compete for USA’s spot at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games!  After winning the US Olympic Trials in November, Team Shuster (John Shuster, Jeff Isaacson, Jared Zezel, and John Landsteiner) now competes in Füssen Germany December 11th-15th.  The top 2 of 8 countries from that tournament will win a berth to the 10 team Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Live scoring from Germany can be found at

Terry Kolesar from USA Curling will be tweeting live from Germany.  Often providing updates every end:

List of draws (all in Duluth, MN time)

Draw 1 vs Czech Republic: Tue Dec 10th at 9am

Draw 2 vs New Zealand: Wed Dec 11th at 1am

Draw 3 vs France: Wed Dec 11th at 9am

Draw 4 vs Germany: Thur Dec 12th at 2am

Draw 5 vs Japan: Thur Dec 12th at Noon

***Game 5 will be broadcast live

Draw 6 vs Korea: Fri Dec 13th at 5am

Draw 7 vs Finland: Fri Dec 13th at 1pm

Finals: Dec 14th and 15th


More Ways to Follow Team Shuster


Team Shuster @TeamShuster
John Landsteiner @jlandsteiner
Jared Zezel @jaredzezel04
Jeff Isaacson @LaZyIkE_14
John Shuster @shoostie2010
Coach: Tim Muller @im2bz2curl


Duluth Women Win USWCA Senior Spiel 3rd event

The Patterson rink won the USWCA Senior Bonspiel 3rd event on November 24th in Grand Rapids, Mn. In the final game they were down 4 – 0 after two ends, scored one in the 3rd end, and stole one in ends 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 to win 6 – 4. They also were the winners of the “oldest” team at the bonspiel with a combined age of 295. Team members were Joanne Docteur Lead, Wendy Carlberg 2nd, Bonnie Shea 3rd, and Yvonne Patterson Skip.  Congratulations Ladies!  See the Draws here.