Curling League Update

Leagues are in full swing.  All leagues are posted for the full season, on the website.  I have looked them over many times for errors but if there is a difference between the web and the schedule on our bulletin boards in the ice level hallway, the ice level schedules prevail.  Please bring any discrepancies to my attention.

If you are in a league with flex games,  you can make them up in advance.  Don’t wait until it is too late in the season.

A Sunday 4pm schedule will be completed as we finalize the players for that league.  Anyone who has signed up for the Sunday 4pm league should be sure to be there this Sunday.

We host the USCA Mixed Doubles Nationals Dec 8, 2010 through Dec 12, 2010.  There will be no leagues, one on one or practice allowed beginning Thursday morning Dec 9, 2010 until the finals are complete on Sunday Dec 12, 2010.  For Thursday 4pm and 6pm we are exploring making the games flex games to have a complete round robin competition.  Thursday 8pm will not be made up since those games are repeated later in the season.

Thanks and good curling!!

Dick Wicklund,  Curling Director