Duluth International Bonspiel – Feb 17, 18 and 19 2012 – results

Main Event winners: the defending champion Litman rink Duluth Curling Club – Scott Schierbeck, Mike Clabaugh, Sam Perrella and Ross Litman, Skip.
Main Event runner up: the Zeman rink Duluth Curling Club – Jeff Anderson, Tom Zeman, Mike Marquardt and Jeremy Zeman, Skip.
B Event winners: the Day rink Madison Curling Club – Dan Janetski, Paul Ryan, Dan Wiza and Steve Day, Skip.
B Event runner up: the Whittaker rink Port Arthur Curling Club – Bo “The Legend” Britton, Dan Pozihun, Jerry Whittaker and Jim Ruoho, Skip
C Event winners: the Trenberth rink Duluth Curling Club: – Bryan Zbacnik, Dustin Tomasetti, Marty Trenberth and Tony Trenberth, Skip.
C Event runner up: the Lammi rink Port Arthur Curling Club – Lou LePage, Bob Coutsie, Dave Schulz and Don Lammi, Skip
D Event winners: the Anderson rink Port Arthur Curling Club- supposedly coached by Dudley Moore – Murray Uranyuk, Jackie Heikkila, Will Salo and Barry Anderson, Skip.
D Event runner up: the Cavers rink Duluth Curling Club – Yvonne Novak, Sheila Longie, JoAnn Morley and Pam Cavers, Skip.