Duluth’s Erickson rink wins International Speil

Congratulations to the Erickson rink (Jeff Erickson, Irv Mossberger, Brian Berquist, and Chris Bode) who defeated the Litman rink, both of Duluth in the main event.  The second event was won by the Lammi rink (Don Lammi, Dave Scholz, Bob Coutts, and Dave Thomas) of the Port Arthur Curling Club over Duluth’s Hendrickson rink. The Haluptzok rink of Bemidji (Jon Chandler, Josh Bahr, Nick Waner, and Mark Haluptzou) defeated the Zeman rink in the third event.  The fourth event was won by Duluth’s Turner rink (Hudson Turner, Jeff Gunderson, Mike Gorichs, and George Host) over the O’leary rink.  Congratulations!