Follow Team Shuster in Germany

Follow Team Shuster as they compete for USA’s spot at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games!  After winning the US Olympic Trials in November, Team Shuster (John Shuster, Jeff Isaacson, Jared Zezel, and John Landsteiner) now competes in Füssen Germany December 11th-15th.  The top 2 of 8 countries from that tournament will win a berth to the 10 team Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Live scoring from Germany can be found at

Terry Kolesar from USA Curling will be tweeting live from Germany.  Often providing updates every end:

List of draws (all in Duluth, MN time)

Draw 1 vs Czech Republic: Tue Dec 10th at 9am

Draw 2 vs New Zealand: Wed Dec 11th at 1am

Draw 3 vs France: Wed Dec 11th at 9am

Draw 4 vs Germany: Thur Dec 12th at 2am

Draw 5 vs Japan: Thur Dec 12th at Noon

***Game 5 will be broadcast live

Draw 6 vs Korea: Fri Dec 13th at 5am

Draw 7 vs Finland: Fri Dec 13th at 1pm

Finals: Dec 14th and 15th


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Team Shuster @TeamShuster
John Landsteiner @jlandsteiner
Jared Zezel @jaredzezel04
Jeff Isaacson @LaZyIkE_14
John Shuster @shoostie2010
Coach: Tim Muller @im2bz2curl