2011 Ladies Grinch Spiel Pictures and Poem

Here are some pics from the Ladies One-day Grinch Spiel!



Twas the Spiel Before Christmas – by Jamie Crump

‘Twas the ‘spiel before Christmas, yellow rocks through the house,
“You’ve got too much brawn!” the skipper did grouse.
The stones flew by fast; today the ice is quite keen!
And oh, what a curl, like Duluth’s never seen;
The leads rocks sailed through, flew through to the hack,
Nobody swept, in fact, they turned back!
The second threw light, both just over the hog,
Again no one swept, they were drinking eggnog!
At this point in the end, the opponent sat three,
One rock was up top, and two more on the tee,
She yelled to her third, “We need a nose-hit!”
The skip was sure angry, her front end was pure…. **awful**
When the vice slid out, she was right on the broom
“We’ll clear the guard, we’ve got plenty of room!”
Sailing wider and wider the rock started to fall
And ticked the red rock, behind a rock wall.
She threw up her hands, oh what could be done!
Five red rocks in the house, yellow not a one.
If we don’t draw the pot, I’ll be ready to shake,
She left it wide open, an easy take-out to make.
The skip sighed as she knew they were in trouble
She had the right line, and she just missed the double.
They have the hammer, they’ve got the last shot,
So our only chance is to draw to the pot.
Her weight was light, despite sweepin’ and hopin’
The rock wouldn’t curl and hung out in the open.
She looked at the back line, only one red rock was there
They’re going to have seven! She loudly despaired.
Her opponent crouched down and aimed her rock
Our skip grimaced and prayed and rubbed her shamrock
Just like that, wouldn’t you know, the rock just stopped spinning
It picked! It picked up some murp right at the beginning!
The opponent missed her open take-out for seven,
Yellow stole one point, a gift down from Heaven!
The ice fell a hush, for curlers all knew the reason
Curling miracles happen, after all, ‘tis the season!