Thursday 8 PM Men’s

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  • 2015: Phil DeVore (Skip), Jeff Gunderson, Jon Wirtanen, Mike Gorichs, Jeff Ritchie
  • 2014: Tony Trenberth (Skip), Paul Wojciak, Darren Vogt, Tony Wright, Marcus Karki
  • 2013: Tony Trenberth (Skip), Paul Wojciak, Markus Karki, Darren Vogt, Pat Kelleher, Jon Medure
  • 2012: Paul Wojciak (Skip), Darren Vogt, Markus Korki, Tony Trenberth
  • 2011: Phil DeVore (Skip), Jeff Ritchie, Jeff Gunderson, Ethan Meyers and alts Rob Carr and Connor McLeod
  • 2010: Andy Rootes (Skip), Tony
Trebarth, Mike Kniffin, Dustin Tomasetti and Jason Smith