Sunday League Changes

The league offerings are the same as past years, with one exception. Last season there were only 3 teams in the Sunday 4pm time. So this year we are trying to fill the league with a different opportunity then we have had in the past. To join this league, each team will need one club member (corporate, senior, or junior instructional) and fill the remaining spots on the team for $100 (limited to 10 teams).  This is a great opportunity to bring new curlers into the club or have junior curlers play with their parents or other family members. The 6 pm league will expand to 24 teams and some games will be played at 4pm.  Returning teams with three players from last season will receive preference in each league over new teams.  Skips please complete entry for your team(s).  Entries must be complete with skip and at least three players.  Rosters may have up to 6 players.  Players may only be on one roster in any league. There are additional fees to play in more than one league!