Thank you Club Cleanup Crew

A HUGE Thank You to those who helped with the office demolition, office renovations, and cleaning the club before opening clinics.

Office Redo: Joe Polo, Tom & Shana Vesel, Jim Luttinen, Jed Lahti, Rick Osbakken, Mike Gaidis, Dick Wicklund, Jane Busche, Nancy Odden, Steve & Barb Payette.

Club Cleaning: Jason & Jamie Kraus, Doug & Kris Cameron, Tom & Shana Vesel, Mary Gaidis, Heidi Baumann, Steve Payette, Jim Luttinen, Nancy Odden, Anna Baumann, Seppo Sormunen, Sonja Baumann, Jed Lahti, Terry & Linda Christensen, Charlie Hasselrud, Doug Britton, and Quinn Evenson.

We appreciate your help – THANK YOU!!